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Open your door to the world of tranquility and let yourself truly render calm.  Enjoy this delicious Delta 9 gummy and emerge revitalized! 

Unlock the power of a full plant profile with our high potency full spectrum Delta 9 THC Gummies. Do you love our broad spectrum and low potency full spectrum formulas but are looking for a wellness boost? Look no further! Within each gummy, there is 10 mg of Delta 9 THC and 50 mg of CBD that work together to give you the ultimate feeling of calm and balance in one delicious treat. When multiple cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp work alongside Delta 9 THC, you get a more effective and well-balanced experience.


Flavors:  Cherry or Blue Razz


  • Includes 10 mg of Delta 9 THC and 50 mg of CBD per gummy
  • Legal and Farm Bill compliant in most states
  • Must be 21 years or older to purchase
  • Gluten-Free and Vegan


Lab Report:

cbdMD 10mg Cherry High D9 Gummies

cbdMD 10mg Blue Razz High D9 Gummies

    cbdMD Delta 9 Gummies 10mg

    SKU: FTS-007-220221

    With these gummies, you can enjoy all the benefits of a full plant profile which will enhance the entourage effect. Our Delta 9 THC formula includes a wealth of different cannabinoids and terpenes along with THC. The best part is that they all work together beautifully, so you can feel the benefits of the hemp plant to the fullest.

    Delta 9 THC has loads of benefits, making it a great addition to any daily routine. It can provide support in our sleep quality and exercise recovery, and it's the ultimate relaxation tool. We love our broad spectrum and low potency full spectrum formulas, and they are enough for some people. However, for those looking for an even greater feeling of calm and balance, these gummies will deliver.


    Because of the way our Delta 9 formula works with your endocannabinoid system, it has incredible relaxing benefits when used in small amounts. Delta 9 THC is great when it's time to wind down at night or when you just want to sit back and relax.


    Getting enough sleep is key to muscle recovery after strenuous exercise. The full plant profile of our Delta 9 THC formula ensures that you feel the full calming power of the hemp plant. Take a gummy as you start to wind down before bed and drift off into a restful sleep.


    For those who are looking for more oomph in their CBD routines, this higher-potency formula will surely provide. With a higher range of different cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of the beloved hemp plant, taking your wellness to the next level has never been easier.


    When taken in small amounts, Delta 9 works great to help manage your everyday stress. Because of its calming effects, it can help you feel more balanced and at ease so you can tackle your day without the hassle.


    As you know by now, CBD is a great addition to any wellness routine because of the balance it brings to our bodies, mentally and physically. When CBD and THC work together, you feel those effects at an enhanced level. This makes our delta 9 THC products a great option for those looking to magnify their wellness to an even higher level.

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