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Give your tail-waggers tasty calming treats while giving them overall wellness - Fan Favorite is paw cbd Baked Cheese Hard Chews! 

You NEED to Know ...

This is how CBD directly interacts with your dog’s ECS. The cannabinoids present in CBD oil mimic an animal’s own endocannabinoids.  Because cannabinoids influence a myriad of complex processes, a dog’s ECS will go directly into drive mode.  CBD basically helps your dogs body to create more, newly created endocannabinoids.  This is what the ECS regulates in your dogs body - Balance & Coordination, Digestion & Appetite, Immune Function, Sleep, Heart Rate & Blood  Pressure, Mood Regulation & Stability, Memory & Recollection, Controls Gastrointestinal Tract & Functions, Regulates inflammation caused by infection or damaged tissues, Motor Control & Muscle Movement, Bodily Temperature, Pain & Pleasure, Reproductive System and Brain Development.  


Give your dog the special option it deserves while providing the whole-body benefits of high quality hemp extracts. Our CBD Hard Chews are carefully made with Superior Broad Spectrum CBD and veterinarian formulated, offering a consistent and precise amount of wholesome goodness that will have your pet sitting up and begging for more!

  • Created using quality made CBD, CBN, and CBG with additional terpenes
  • Tested by third party, ISO certified labs for purity and consistency
  • Guaranteed GMP and THC free*
  • Available in three CBD concentrations


Lab Reports:

pawcbd Baked Cheese 150mg

pawcbd Baked Cheese 300mg

pawcbd Baked Cheese 600mg


cbdMD Pet CBD Oil Hard Chews for Dogs- Baked Cheese


Our CBD dog treats are hard chews that offer regular servings of high quality CBD created under the highest production standards using USA grown hemp. Each piece provides CBD benefits in a convenient, on-the-go snack that you can give your pet at any time. Celebrating your dog’s small achievements with a CBD oil treat may be useful in healthy ways.

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