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My best friend is my dog.  He is a beautiful terrier, his name is Oliver ~ 17 lbs. of pure love and happiness. He’s a healthy little dude and I keep his skin allergies at bay with Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum Skin Health & Allergy Support Chews - he loves them!  Plus, he gets the additional bonus of whole body cbd wellness!  Truly a treat for both of us!   

Charlotte's Web loves dogs, too. So they created new hemp extract infused chews to support your adult dog during allergy season. Tested 20 times from seed to bottle, the extract in our tail-wagging chews meets the same quality standards as Charlotte’s Web products for humans.  


You Need to Know ...
When CBD and your dog’s ECS work together, possible effects include improvement of the  following: mental state, appetite, sleep, energy levels, while reducing pain & inflammation.  It’s important to emphasize that while these benefits have been demonstrated in dogs according to   various anecdotal testimonials and some medical research, they’re not 100% guaranteed. Always consult with your veterinarian to evaluate your dog’s condition and potential treatments, including adding CBD to their wellness plan. 


Lab Report:

Charlotte's Web Skin & Allergy Support Dog Chews 

Charlotte's Web Allergy Support Dog Chews

SKU: FTS-010-220230
PriceFrom $15.29
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Skin Health Dog Chew
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  • USA Grown Hemp
  • Each 4g chew will contain 2.5mg of plant-based cannabinoids
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