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This is the long lasting and reliable pain reliever you’ve been searching for - Transdermal Patches!

Convenient and 420 Smart!

  • Made in USA
  • Waterproof peel-and-stick application
  • 60mg full-spectrum CBD per patch (THC-free)
  • Transdermal CBD pain relief
  • Hypoallergenic w/ aloe vera and moisturizing essential oils
  • Single patch lasts up to 4 days


Lab Report:

CBD Transdermal Patches (60mg CBD) Batch #: 210302-AS

CBD Transdermal Patches (60mg CBD) 01.31.2020

PureKana Transdermal Patch

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Clean the surface with the alcohol pad (included), and let dry. Place the patch on or near the desired area after removing the liner. These work best on a flat, soft tissue area. Remove by peeling off. Discard responsibly.