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Treating painful joints and muscles with strong and reliable CBD Topicals from PureKana will help to relieve the discomfort and lessen the inflammation while promoting recovery and healing.  Key ingredients also include CBG (Cannabigerol) to reduce inflammation.


  • Improved formula for powerful pain-relief (600mg CBD + 120mg CBG) 
  • Works on sore muscles and painful, aching joints
  • New advanced formula contains topical analegesics menthol and capsaicin for enhanced relief
  • Convenient, easy-to-use application
  • Made in the USA


Lab Report:

3.4oz. Topical CBD Ointment (600mg) Batch #: LO622-02


PureKana 600mg CBD Cream + CBG Pain Relief Ointment

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Powerful Pain Relief w/ CBD, CBG, Menthol & Capsaicin

PureKana Pain Relief Topical Ointment features 600mg of CBD in combination with 120mg CBG plus menthol and capsaicin for powerful relief on sore, aching muscles and painful joints.  Our advanced topical formula provides relief for athletes after the toughest training sessions, and/or for individuals dealing with everyday muscle and joint pain.

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