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When you need rapid pain relief quickly get the 2000mg topical cream from PureKana - with CBG to help reduce inflammation.  Fast and quick acting for immediate relief!  


  • Features 2000mg Broad-Spectrum CBD content
  • Contains Menthol (4%), capsaicin (0.2%), & CBG (helps with inflammation)
  • MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) to support healthy joints 
  • Contains no heavy metals, pesticides, or chemicals fertilizers
  • Extracted from USA - grown hemp


Lab Report:

CBD Pain Relief Topical 2000mg Batch #: L0322-01


PureKana CBD Pain Relief Topical (2000mg)

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2000mg Pain Relief Topical from PureKana

PureKana's 2000mg CBD Pain Relief Topical is made right here in the USA from some of the highest-quality ingredients.  Working with industry experts and professionals has made it possible for us to create a truly superior product that is perfect for restoring balance back to your life - even after the most intense of training sessions.

Made with a proprietary blend of the industry's highest-quality ingredients, our Pain Relief CBD Topical contains 4% Menthol, 0.2% Capsaicin, and a hardy 2000mg of hemp-extracted CBD.  The proprietary formula also includes CBG (helps with inflammation) and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) to help support healthy joints.  

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