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Recovery - Bundle

Alleviate Chronic Pain & Inflammation for a full RECOVERY


bundle includes,

PureKana Infused CBD Transdermal Patch

A CBD transdermal patch is exactly what it sounds like it is! Rather than consuming orally or via inhalation, a quality CBD patch delivers active hemp extract through the skin layers and directly to the areas of the body that need it. This has two major advantages. One, the CBD is not exposed to digestive processes in the stomach, which means more of the compound may be able to reach the bloodstream - and eventually make it to various parts of your body. Secondly, a CBD transdermal patch offers an immensely more convenient and long-lasting experience than other forms of CBD application. Rather than having to consume daily (or even multiple times a day), PureKana CBD patches consistently release cannabinoids and other phytochemicals for up to four days.

  • Made in USA
  • Waterproof peel-and-stick application
  • 60mg full-spectrum CBD per patch (THC-free)
  • Transdermal CBD pain relief
  • Hypoallergenic w/ aloe vera and moisturizing essential oils
  • Single patch lasts up to 4 days


Extract Labs - Relief Formula Hemp -Tincture

600mg CBC / 1800mg CBD 1:3 ratio of CBC to CBD 

Full Spectrum

Supports Recovery and Improves Wellness

Certified Organic


Peak Extracts - Rescue Rub - Topical

2000mg Broad Spectrum 

1:1 ratio 1000mg CBC & 1000mg CBD

Promotes Recovery & Soothes Skin

Paraben & THC Free



Lab Reports:  Please refer to product page for Certificate of Analysis (COA) & additional product information for items in this bundle. 






Recovery Bundle

SKU: FTS-420-230160
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